Is it safe to use the Picasso app for Android?

Is it safe to use the Picasso app for Android

The Picasso App is a live streaming app that helps you to enjoy your favourite shows and programs unlimited, all on one platform. The Picasso App! But so many people have a concern, and rightly so. What is that concern?

Well, it is regarding the safety of using the Picasso App. We know that there are so many cyber challenges in the rapidly growing online world. So, it is very understandable. Hence, DO NOT WORRY! And keep reading to get the answer with reasons.

You decide for yourself if it is safe after reading this piece!

PICASSO APP IS SAFE, and there are a number of reasons behind it.

Let’s first know What the Picasso App is?

Well, as mentioned earlier, it’s your one-stop for all sorts of entertainment. Be it movies that you love to watch or Sports is your go-to for leisure, documentaries or dramas, this app has it all for you. You don’t need to go to different sites and apps to get your required source of fun from the media world. But please note that it is not available at the Google Play Store. However, you can get it from reliable third-party platforms like ours, and we assure you that you won’t have any trouble.

If you want to know how to download it, you can refer to one of our detailed articles on clear steps and guidelines on this website.

Let’s come to the main point: Is the Picasso App safe?

This Apk has earned lots of users and fans over such a short period. Why? Due to its convenience, those users keep coming back. No complaints have been received regarding its functionality or convenience. It has delivered its promises. Now, that makes a sound basis for you to believe when it is claimed that this app is 100% safe. So far, the reservations that have been received are regarding the copyrights. However, the developers have given complete assurance about the legality and safety of this app.

To use this app, you have to make sure that the party you are downloading it from is reliable or not, and then you are good to go!

Downloaded by millions of people, this app is rated 3.5, which is not bad. Another concern has been regarding the privacy of user information. Rumour has it that this app sells the user’s data, and the developers have straight away denied such claims.

Hence, had this app been unsafe, why would so many people have downloaded it?

Why is there no complaint about the functionality or quality of this app?

So, these reasons should be strong enough to convince anyone that the Picasso App is safe.

Let’s explore more reasons to know if the Picasso App is safe or not and why it is a good idea to download it.

Reasons To Use the Picasso App

  • User Friendly:

Its user-friendly interface makes it confusion-free. All the options are clearly displayed as you enter the app and even if you are not a technically aware person, you won’t take long to know how to go about this app.

  • Best Sports Live Streaming Experience:

The developers understand that sports is an emotional matter, and any glitches while watching it can really put the user off. So, No ads will be there to bother you while you enjoy the match. And guess what! It’s for free! Be it IPL or football, your favorite Picasso App is there to entertain you.

  • No Extensions Required:

No extensions are required of you to enjoy your favorite shows. You need to go to the Google website, and it won’t take much time to download. 

  • Multiple Entertainment Options:

All your favorite entertainment platforms are just a click away once you are using the Picasso App. Be it Netflix or Disney, news, or Amazon, you don’t need to worry.

Reasons to Avoid the Picasso App

Here we are with one of the most important questions. Yes, there can be instances when you should be alarmed. Below is the list of those:

  • Security Notification

If you have reached out to download this app from any Google-protected platform and it notifies you that this app is not safe or the privacy information will be compromised, you need to stay away.

  • Admin Permissions

When a user downloads this app, it will ask for permission to access the gallery or other personal data on the device, which might raise the user’s eyebrows. However, the developers claim that there is nothing to worry about and give a 100% guarantee to keep the privacy of the data. 

  • No Availability on Play Store and Redirection Issues

Another very big reason that people question whether the Picasso App is safe or not is that when you reach out to Google to download it, you are redirected to a third-party platform. Why is that so? It might be because it is illegal. But know that before Google removed it, it was among the top-rated sites for weeks on length. 

How to ensure safety while using the Picasso App?

There are some clear-cut points to consider to ensure that the Picasso App is safe.

  • Go to a trustworthy and safe website like ours to make sure that viruses and malware attacks are avoided. 
  • To keep your privacy, do not forget to use a VPN.
  • A trusted antivirus software would be a great idea!
  • Last but not least, the Picasso app should be used to watch only the legal content. 

Final Word


The answer is yes! It can easily be downloaded from a third-party platform like ours.

Well, everything you can think of! Yes, except for the content for children, it has everything you can think of TV shows, Movies, Live Cricket Streaming, documentaries, and whatnot.

It can only be downloaded for Android.

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