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Picasso app an online streaming application, is gaining huge popularity because of its smooth functioning and versatile content availability. The app is getting a massive number of users regularly. Picasso APK is the best option for entertainment lovers where you can enjoy the content of your liking without worrying about the monthly subscription fee. Don’t worry. If you are an iOS user, Picasso APK for iOS is available for you. 

Picasso is one of the most downloaded streaming apps on the Google Play Store, where you can watch live TV, cricket, shows, web series, and movies of all genres. The content on the app is available in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Korean, French, Spanish, etc. and increases the user’s interest.

It would have been unfair if only Android users could enjoy this great experience. The availability for iOS users is making this app more popular. 

Picasso APK For iOS        

Picasso is actually an Android app and is available on the Google Play Store. The APK version was also restricted to Android users for a long time, but due to the significant increase in demand, the APK is now made available for iOS users. You can enjoy free streaming on your iOS devices including iPhone and MacBook. 

How to Download and Install Picasso on iPhone 

  • Click on the download button to download it. 
  • Wait for a few seconds, and it will be downloaded to your mobile. 
  • Click on the downloaded file to get it installed on your mobile. 
  • The installation process will start once you have granted the required permissions. 
  • The installation will be done within a minute. 
  • Enjoy free streaming on your iPhone. 

Download Picasso on Mac    

You can get Picasso on your MacBook in different ways. Let’s discuss some of the most popular ways to get Picasso on MacBook. 

Downloading Through Safari

Very few iOS users know that the Safari browser can be used to download Picasso on your Mac. You can follow these simple steps to get Picasso on your MacBook. 

  • Set the Safari browser as default on your Mac. 
  • Go to the official site of Picasso and find Picasso for Mac. 
  • Click on the download button once you find it. 
  • After downloading, install it on your Mac. 
  • After installation, grant the required permissions to run it. 
  • Finally, the app is ready to run on your Mac. 

Downloading Through AnyTrans app

The second method involves using the AnyTrans app to download Picasso on your MacBook. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Download the AnyTrans app on your Mac and connect it to your iPhone via data cable. 
  • Access your iCloud and search for the Picasso app. 
  • Select the official website and download the app.
  • After downloading, go to the library and find the app there. 
  • Launch the app on your Mac and enjoy free streaming. 

Downloading Through Emulator

The third way is to use an emulator to download Picasso on your Mac. You can follow these steps to get it done. 

  • Install one of the available emulators on your MacBook. I prefer Bluestack as it is smoother than others. 
  • After installing the emulator, search for the Google Play Store and log in using your Gmail account. 
  • Install Picasso from the Google Play Store onto your Mac. 

Picasso on the App Store        

Picasso is not available on the App Store directly, but you can get its APK version, which is free of cost. If you are one of those users who don’t trust APK versions, you can get the related apps on your iOS. However, Picasso is one of a kind, and you should not miss out on the variety of content. 

Picasso APK iOS Features          

The multiple exciting features of Picasso for iOS users make this app so famous. Let’s have a look at the top features of Picasso APK for iOS. 

Top Streaming app for iOS         

Picasso is one of the top streaming apps for iOS. You can watch unlimited content on Picasso with ease. Picasso supports the latest iOS 14 and 15, while most of its competitors don’t. The availability and user-friendly features make it a top streaming app on iOS. 

Diversity of Content 

The best feature Picasso offers is the diversity of content. This single app lets you enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood movies, web series, cricket, TV shows, and much more. The variety of content is entertaining millions of users and attracting new users. 

Movies and Songs 

Picasso is the best available streaming app where you can watch movies and also get the latest songs. The vast collection of movies and songs makes it a reliable source of entertainment for millions of users globally. 


Along with the diversity in content, there is a diversity in languages, too. You can enjoy your favorite content in any of the languages you want. There are multiple languages available in the app. The subtitles are also available, making it easy to watch any video you want. 

Live Streaming 

Picasso offers streaming of ongoing sports tournaments or TV shows. The app has around 1500 channels that offer live streaming for users worldwide. 

Free to use 

Picasso APK is free to use on your iOS device. You can enjoy free streaming or download the content without paying a penny. Wherever you are in the world, get the Picasso APK file and enjoy your favorite content. 

Video Quality 

You can choose a video resolution from the large variety of quality available, ranging from 240p to HD. Choosing video quality mainly depends on your internet speed. The faster your internet is, the better quality you can enjoy. 

Favorite List 

The Picasso app allows you to create a list of your favorite content. You can create multiple categories and put the relevant content in each category, then enjoy according to your mood. You can enlist any of the content available on the app. 

Regular Updates 

Picasso offers regular updates that keep the app clean and safe from hacks. Do not miss out on the latest updates; otherwise, the app may cause trouble running or install a virus on your device, which can be harmful in the long run. 


Pros and Cons of using Picasso APK on your iOS


  • No rooting or jailbreaking is required. 
  • The app is Ad-free.
  • It is easy to download.
  • It offers complete privacy. 
  • The app has a clear and user-friendly UX/UI design. 
  • The features are easy to navigate. 
  • The app runs smoothly on iOS devices. 


  • The old version might be challenging to run. 
  • It causes log-in problems at times. 
  • It requires a strong internet connection for smooth streaming. 



Picasso is entirely safe to use and respects your privacy. However, always download the APK version of the app from a trustworthy source. 

Yes, Picasso is a legal streaming platform and contains copyright-free content. 

Downloading movies on Picasso is pretty simple. You can download any movie you want by clicking on the three dots on the right of the screen. The three dot button will show you a download option.

Picasso is not directly available on the App Store as it was primarily developed for Android users, but there are different ways mentioned in this article for getting it on your iOS device. 

Look for the latest version of the app and install it. The old versions stop working after some time. 

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