Best Apps to Watch IPL 2024 LIVE Streaming on Mobile/TV/PC/MAC

Best Apps to Watch IPL 2024 LIVE Streaming on MobileTVPCMAC

The top 10 Indian Cricket franchises have been taken on board, and the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League will be organised in India. IPL matches boast of having related coverage as all the big platforms are more than eager to cover them. However, some fans are searching for the Best Apps to watch the 2024 IPL. If you are one of those, this article is for you!

It all started in 2008 when the Indian Premier League launched its first T20 Cricket League under the Indian Cricket Board. In no time, it hit internationally, and then there was no looking back. Its per-ball media rights have been sold for 72 Lacs by the BCCI, which speaks for its successful endeavour.

Telecommunication firms will only cover what has become such a big international game: satellites, local sports channels, dish networks and the internet. However, Live IPL 2024 Streaming is the latest and the best option to enjoy the match and stay up-to-date.

Methods of watching the IPL 2024 through Streaming Apps are relatively easy to learn. It’s a real deal to figure out which App to watch IPL 2024 since there are so many options claiming to provide a range of similar features and services.

If you are searching for the best option to live stream IPL 2024 on your Android phone, this article is for you! We will dive into all possibilities, paid modes and free of cost. Read until the end, and it will become easy for you to pick the best App to live stream IPL 2024 on Android Phone. 

Reasons to watch IPL Live Streaming via Apps

Before we get into the details, let’s first discuss why picking an Android streaming App to enjoy Indian Premier League 2024 is the best idea.

Real-Time Engagement

The first reason to go for streaming Apps is Real-Time Engagement with global sports events. With the installed streaming app, you are just a tap away from the live streaming of IPL Match.

Watch IPL 2024 Anytime and Anywhere

We all live in a world that has moved beyond confinement to a sofa to enjoy our favourite sport through television. Now, you don’t have to stick to one spot for hours; the streaming apps have enabled you to enjoy IPL 2024 anywhere and anytime. You need to have a mobile device with a good internet connection.

HD Quality Streams

While watching the match on the go, enjoying the HD-quality stream is nothing less than a miracle. iOS Streaming Apps give you HD video quality. It enhances your experience compared to the television experience.

Budget-Friendly Options

To attract more viewers, streaming apps have cut down on prices. And as mentioned repeatedly, there are so many options in the market now that the apps have significantly cut prices. Hence, it will be light in your pocket to enjoy IPL 2024 on the streaming apps. 

Vast Compatibility Opportunities

Another good facility is the compatibility of these apps. All you need is an internet-based device and a good connection. They are workable on all the top Android Brands out there, iphone models, iOS oriented devices as well as the Windows based devices like Computers and laptops. 

How to Watch IPL Live – Best Paid Live Streaming Apps

Undoubtedly, the Premium Indian Premier League Apps come at a cost. Still, it is worth mentioning that they are affordable because there is so much competition in the app market now. We have compiled a list of Top Android Apps for IPL 2024. 

Airtel TV

It is an Indian-origin online TV and streaming app which does not need any introduction. With just 299 INR per month, Airtel TV will provide high-quality Live streaming of the Indian Premier League 2024 globally. Isn’t that so cheap and affordable?


Disney + Hotstar

At just 399 INR per month, Disney + Hotstar, also the Official Streaming App for IPL 2024, provides monthly services. It is a digital platform of Star Network catering to Indian and International fans. 



At 299 INR per month, Sony Live is all set to provide streaming services for the Indian Premier League’s fifteenth season. It’s completely reliable, and you can also trust its quality.

sony live


It is unbelievable, but yes, at 99 INR, this App provides you with the Live Streaming of IPL 2024. It will telecast IPL 2024 in India. It is not a streaming app but a service that covers Online Sports TV channels. In this capacity, cricket fans can enjoy Live IPL through this platform.

jio tv

Yupp TV

Yupp TV is a reliable streaming app. Although it doesn’t live stream throughout the globe, you can enjoy watching it in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia with an uncompromised quality. 

How to Watch IPL Live – Best Free Live Streaming Apps

The best part is that you can now enjoy Indian Premier League 2024 Live streaming on Android free of cost. This option is excellent if paying for sports doesn’t make sense. The only difference between paid and non-paid apps is the ads. The free apps that you will use will always be ads-based platforms. 


If you are searching for a memorable experience of IPL 2024 online in HD quality, PikaShow is the best option. These services can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. If you are too committed to sit and watch the entire game, the PikaShow app allows you to watch IPL Match highlights. 

pikashow app

Thop TV

Thop TV is also an Indian streaming app. This App covers Live Sports Channels. Hence, when you go to this App, it doesn’t livestream the match; instead, it takes you to the channels that are live-streaming the game. There, you can enjoy IPL 2024 Live Streaming. 

thop tv


CricTime is an app that is focused on streaming cricket for its users. It has just recently launched another feature. It has become a live cricket streaming app that provides match streaming to its users worldwide. 


CricHD is also a good option for watching IPL Live in India. This App can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store without charges or complications. Another fantastic feature about this one is that it provides its users with IPL Live Scores.


Another app worth mentioning is the CricFree Streaming App. As is evident by its name, this App live streams the sports events happening anywhere in the world for its users in Pakistan and other parts of Asia. It will also be streaming the Indian Premier League 2024 for cricket fans. 

Wrapping Up

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

It is entirely legal to watch IPL 2024 through Streaming Apps. You have to ensure that the source you get it from is legal and authentic, preferably official. Sometimes, the apps use duplicate or pirated links for live streaming, which has been deemed illegal per Google policies. 

Due to the political situation and bumpy relations between both countries, an official platform to stream IPL 2024 Live in Pakistan has yet to be announced. However, TapMad is your option to enjoy IPL Live streaming while sitting in Pakistan. 

Since there is tough competition among apps out there, and it is only growing by the day, there are apps out there that provide live scores, commentaries, and live scorecards of the ongoing match apart from IPL Live Stream. For such services, check ESPNCricinfo and Cricket365. 

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