Picasso vs. Cinema HD: Exploring the Best Streaming Apps For Entertainment

Picasso vs. Cinema HD Exploring the Best Streaming Apps For Entertainment

Usually, there are two problems that we encounter while making choices: either there are too many options or no options at all. In this case, the problem is the former. Due to too many entertainment-based Android streaming apps, users sometimes cannot decide which app to go for. In this article, we have picked up two entertainment apps that users struggle to choose between, reviewed them, and left it to the user to decide which is the best entertainment streaming app.

Especially in the ongoing busy world where people resort to entertainment to relax, it can be tiring to decide what to pick when it is Picasso Vs. Cinema HD?

Worry you not!

We bring you an in-depth, well-researched, clearly presented analysis. We also contacted Communities and Discussion Forums to get user reviews of both apps. So, consider this analysis reliable rather than merely a promotion of any particular App.

Last but not least, we have also given you direct download links for both the Picasso APK and Cinema HD APK, and we assure you that these links are 100% secure.

A Quick Glance of Streaming Apps

Going to cinemas and theatres for entertainment has become a thing of the past. It’s the age of Streaming Apps. These smartly designed Streaming Apps have made it possible with a few taps on Mobile Devices to access content anywhere in the world. 

Streaming Apps have become a big market. Due to a sea of users, developers have entered this race of developing big numbers of Android Streaming Apps in which each tries to present a wide range of unique features to draw more users. Some of these Live Streaming Apps are free, while others come at a price. However, the user often seems confused about which app to choose. 

cinema hd

A Quick Overview of Picasso and Cinema HD

We are here with one of the most authentic and research-based analyses to help you choose the best Live Streaming App and the most reliable download facility, all within one website. Below is a comparative Analysis of the Picasso App and Cinema HD:

It is worth mentioning that both the Apps are Indian-Origin with almost the same features. If features are the same, the main competition is between the legal status and variety of content of both the Apps. 

If you talk about Picasso, it’s an Ads-based Android Streaming App that covers a considerable range of content, including live sports streaming, 800+ TV channels, Access to OTT Platforms, Movies/Songs, and other Affiliated Features.

Cinema HD, on the other hand, is known for its reliability and quality of services, which also covers a good amount of content. This includes movies and some Indian TV Channels. 

Picasso and Cinema HD seem almost the same but read ahead to find out how they are still quite different stream able Apps. 

Apps CharacteristicsPicasso APKCinema HD
Cost of Using AppIts FreeFree
Security issues3rd party app issue3rd party app issue
Content DistributionLive sports . Tv shows , News and songsMovie , songs , TV series ad Dramas
Controlling child optionNot availableavailable
Device AccessibilityAndroid, iOS, Emulator and TVAndroid, iOS, Emulator and TV

Common Streaming Features Shared by Picasso and Cinema HD

Before we start discussing how the apps are different, let’s first look into some of the common features of both the Apps as they share the streaming features.

picasso app

Leading Streaming Apps

The Play Store has millions of positive reviews for streaming apps. Also, other community forums show that users are highly satisfied with both apps, and both apps are equally popular. Their Google Trend is also very consistent.

Wide Collection of Content

Picasso and Cinema HD have a wide variety of content, from movies to dramas, documentaries to Web series, and the users have many options. 

Admirable Streaming Options

Both the apps have proved to be very customer-oriented and strive to make the user experience as good as possible. In this pursuit, they offer many options to the user to customize from 720p to 4k by giving Video Customization options like subtitles, One-Click downloading, Multi-Screening options, and many others. 

Vast Compatibilities

Vast Compatibility is one of the best qualities these apps possess. A user can connect through five devices simultaneously, all through one account. 

Frequently Updated

Using the Picasso and Cinema HD app, you don’t have to worry about timelines or data freshness. The developers of both apps keep them updated so they provide you with the latest entertainment content.  

Catalog of Asked Queries – Mixture of Editor’s and Users’ Thoughts

Yes, the apps are popular and continue to win hearts. That doesn’t mean users don’t come with questions. Here, we have compiled frequently asked questions with answers as best as we could address.

Availability on Google Play Store

Until now, neither the Picasso nor Cinema HD apps have been available on the Google Play Store. It shows Google’s lack of satisfaction with these apps despite hundreds of third-party sites directing traffic to these websites. 

Sources of Streaming

Neither Picasso nor Cinema HD have their material to stream. All they do is scrape links from other platforms and redirect the user to official sites, depending on what he has searched for.

Range of Streamable Material

Now, this is where the Picasso app wins the game. Compared to Cinema HD, Picasso has a wide variety of TV channels, Live channels, movies, and other entertainment content to stream. 

Streaming Qualities

One of the reasons why Cinema HD and Picasso have gained popularity is their option to choose streaming qualities. The users can pick from many options: 720p, 1020p, 1880p, 4k, and 8k. Why would they not love this app? 

Additional Streaming Features

From Audio Qualities to Subtitles Options, Playlist Creations to One-Click downloading, Screen Casting to Devices Compatibility to Media Screen Adjustment, both Apps deserve a ten-on-ten!

Playabilities on Diverse Devices

Both the apps, Picasso and Cinema HD, have tried their best to ensure their users don’t face streaming issues by providing revolutionized compatibility options. Considering the APK versions of both apps, it can be claimed that both can be played on Android Phones, Fire Sticks, iPhones, Laptops, Computers, and Smart TVs. 

Legal Status and Privacy Concerns

The legal status of both apps stays in conflict. However, both are not available on Google, which is a testament to the fact that they don’t meet Google’s Security and Privacy Measurement criteria.

Global Accessibility

Both the Apps have Indian Origins. They are not available all over the world. In some countries, it can be accessed using VPN Service.


The frequency and vigilance of updating mechanisms show that both the App developers value their users and strive to make their experience as comfortable as possible. 

Customer Services

Cinema HD App offers round-the-clock client service. However, no such facility is found in the case of Picasso. This is where the Cinema HD app stands out.

Laying the Findings – Who is the best Between Both Apps?

After an extensive discussion and comparison, it’s time to pick the best app from The Picasso App and Cinema HD App. For this, we have devised a criteria: let’s see which app wins.

Pocket-Friendly Streaming Option

Keeping in view this feature, Picasso wins the game. It is free of cost. Meanwhile, the Cinema HD app offers two options. One is Free, while the other is Premium. The free version comes with ads. And most of the negative reviews that Cinema HD has are complaints about too many ads.

Legal Disclaimer

Many clients still fail to trust these apps due to their unavailability on Google Play Store, but our research has not shown any issue faced while downloading them from third-party websites.

Parental Controls

Sadly, Picasso lacks this feature, whereas Cinema HD has it. The parents can remotely control what the kids watch. Any app in today’s age that comes without this feature will lose a big clientele and, hence, the ratings. 

Customer Reviews

Regarding customer reviews, the Cinema HD app has fewer ratings and negative customer reviews than the Picasso App, which has also not won users’ trust due to the app’s poor function. However, the con that has been registered is that the Picasso App doesn’t give the ‘Uninstall’ Function. Also, claims have been made about Malware Activities. Most people seemed extremely annoyed by the pop ads in the Cinema HD App. 

Read Debird Option

The Debird Option gives users accessibility to trending media. The Cinema HD app gives this op, which is an incredible feature. It is not found in the Picasso App. 

Wrapping Up


Yes, there are many alternatives of the Picasso App like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar etc.

It is completely legal to download any streaming app from its relevant platform. Just make sure that you go through the reviews before downloading the app.

The apps either charge money or are available with ads. The apps that charge money offer a variety of packages on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. 

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